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The volume of information relevant to child health care continues to grow each year. This and the very nature and philosophy of the specialty of Pediatrics favors pediatricians as the physicians of choice for the provision of your child’s health care. 

Pediatrics emerged as a specialty in response to the appreciation that the health problems of children are different from those of adults and that the effect on the child varies with age. A pediatrician has the same basic education as other medical doctors, but receives at least three additional years of specialty training in the care of infants, children and adolescents. In addition, extensive exams must be passed to be board certified in Pediatrics. Through fellowship in the American Academy of Pediatrics, a pediatrician is kept current on the most recent pediatric developments.

Well Child Examinations

During a well child visit, the focus is on the prevention and treatment of illness, as well as the monitoring of the growth and development of your child. These visits also offer the opportunity to provide guidance for anticipated problems as your child matures.

In accordance with recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics, we perform periodic well child evaluations and administer immunizations as needed. Individual vaccinations will be discussed in detail with you by the physician at the appropriate office visit.